Career Advisory Services

Our Career Advisory Services

• You feel you are ready for a career change but you do not know where to start from
• You haven’t been on the candidate side for a while
• You feel stuck in your current job but you are not certain what you can do about it
• You have worked for the same company for a long time, you haven’t been active on the labour market and do not know what the new trends are.
• You want to take part in an internal role competition and you need advice how to proceed
• You need a trustful and competent partner in the journey towards a fulfilling career

We are the experts who can support you in all of the above situations and many more related to your career needs and goals.

We have over 14 years of experience in recruitment – we have analyzed thousands of CVs and conducted hundreds of interviews of professionals from various countries and industries.

We understand people’s needs and motivations and know how to support you in the journey of finding your right next mission.

What to do: contact us via email about your specific need and we will call you for a brief clarification discussion. We will follow up with a proposal of our services and the number of sessions we recommend to best suit your requirements.

Our career management services include:

1. Career advisory – 50 EUR / session
When you want to change jobs, switch to another industry or make a horizontal change but are uncertain what steps to undertake.

2. Resume Writing Services – 100 Eur (Standard) / 200 Eur (Urgent)
We will review your current resume and we will help you build a competitive CV. We’ll give you our special tips and hints, and we can rewrite it for you and support you by editing. We can add to this a great motivational letter.

3. Interview training – 80 Eur (Standard) / 100 Eur (Urgent)
We will prepare you how to handle an internal or external interview process and present yourself in the best possible way. If you are in a consequence of interviews, we can be your prep & debrief partner until process completion

4. Individual career coaching – 70 EUR / 1h session
Our certified career coaches will support you in any career topic or situation you might have.

5. Thomas International assessment – 500 Eur (Full) / 250 Eur (Standard, test only)  Thomas is one of the most recognized instruments for psychometric, cognitive abilities tests and assessments used by both individual and corporate clients. Our certified consultants can provide you the full service in taking the assessment and session for interpretation of the results. For your personalized offer or multiple assessment needs, please contact us directly on