Executive Search as a Service

Service description summary:
Direct and confidential approach to high-caliber top executives working in competitive or relevant organizations on similar roles with a focus of selling client’s mission and inspiring them for a change.

Suitable for:

  • Top executive roles
  • Where defined and unique skills/experience are required
  • When there’s defined sourcing base
  • The client is ready to use this service and attract best talent

Content of the service:

The logic of the recruitment process is just the opposite compare to the standard selection process, where the focus is on “filtering the weed” and the employers/recruiters are reactive. Here the employing party is the active side that via the headhunter proactively searches and offers opportunities to the best executives in the industry. The focus is on discovering potential sources, identifying the right men and inspiring the chosen candidates via elegant career management by offering them opportunities for change according to their expectations and hot buttons.

  • Industry Expertise knowledge of the market place, valuable contacts at every level in industry and an awareness of current trends and issues that affect the business and hiring objectives.
  • Research & Planning – market analysis and Internet research, develop a road map of companies and individuals from contacts and referrals and existing network, agree Project Management Program and key performance indicators.
  • Candidate Contact – potential candidates are identified and contacted in confidence to ascertain their core competencies, career achievements and future aspirations, before presenting the opportunity and challenge of the role.
  • Qualifying Candidates – final stage candidates are interviewed and assessed based on the key aspects of the role including areas such as leadership, motivation, and tolerance under stress.
  • Presenting the Short List – we discuss short listed individuals in detail to determine suitability and ensure that an understanding of their career aspirations is appreciated before engaging the interview process.
  • Interview Process and Negotiating the Offer prepare and facilitate expectations at interview and at offer stage, assisting with psychometric testing and in-house assessments, pre-closing for the successful hire.
  • Resignation & Transition- provide counsel and facilitate communication regarding salary terms, resignation issues and the counter offer, liaise with clients and candidates for a successful transition.
  • Assignment Review – debrief Project Management Program, discuss Management Report Document (retained assignment only), and establish areas for improvement, criteria for future search assignments.